Digital drawings
30 x 20 cm
27 portraits on cotton paper
Edition of 5 copies + 1 AP

In this series of drawings  Santizo approached artists and curators in Guatemala and asked them for a hug. Each resulting drawing is a portrait of a member of a contentious, fractured, dynamic community of artists, in which a hug might have many layers of emotional meaning. There's something about touch, about being wrapped in someone's arms for as long as it takes to read this sentence, that is inherently uncomfortable or silly or loving, or all those things at once.  In this juxtaposition--between the title, Acts of Aggression, and the gesture of the hug--Santizo describes the ways we make community, the fragile balance by which we connect to one another, the insecurities we bring to such encounters. There is a thin line between affection and aggression, between giving and taking, between belonging and not, between falling apart and being held together.

Laura Wellen, 2017