Digital photography
100 x 66 cm
Installation of eight photographs printed on Hahnemühle paper (100% cotton)
Edition of 4 copies + 1 AP

I consider Carmen Miranda as a key figure which popularized the stereotype of latinamerican identity, as she personificates the tropics. In this way I understand this exhuberant and exotic image that homogenizes a rich cultural andgeographic region –among other aspects- which complexity is much bigger than the reduction of the cliché.

This artwork is a commentary on the fact that many contemporary artists have instrumentalized the tropical and exotic imaginary as strategy to insert their work in the contemporary art circuit. In this sense I appropiate this image of Carmen Miranda in order to create photographies that register me as I personify her, as I make a critic about this social construction of the tropical. Since in one hand, I propose a performatic humor, and in the other hand, the mise en scène and its photographic registers anulate the colorful original image, which subverts it.