Woodcut and drawing

2017 was the year I turned 33 years old, which was the last year in which I could perform miracles. I wished to perform my own type of miracle to "parody the miracle of Jesus by multiplying bread and fish to the crowd." I made a Woodcut and pressed 250 images of loaves and 250 of fish. Afterwards, I organized a party in which I distributed the bread and fish prints as an analogy of feeding the crowds, as Jesus did according to the Bible. In exchange, those who received the loaves and fish prints were asked to put their thoughts regarding the art, written down or drawn on a piece of paper.

There were many drawings that represented the understanding of people that this was a work...not a selfish work, but on rather about sharing and creating a community. When you analyze such perceptions, you realize that so many positive thoughts mean that with the right stimuli, even in the crude reality that we are living in now, normally cynical people can remain positive, appreciative and thankful.