Digital animation
Lenght 220 seg.
Edition four copies + one artist proof

The animation is divided in two different sections: baby/woman and baby/man. Finding ourselves in front of the mirror witnessing our own nudity, our own fragility, feeling all sorts of inconformity regarding our bodies. The need for acceptance leads us, sometimes, throughout different stages of our lives –even, in some cases, since childhood– to feel certain dissatisfactions with our looks. Our parents help us mold this consciousness/unconsciousness regarding our own selves while society and its stereotypes about how the ideal body of a man and a woman should look like, end up marking our self image.

The analogy of the vinyl record, the accordion and the videogame is a playful manner of representing the way in which we are molded to these social stereotypes; all bodily and psychic transformations this situation brings along provide the video with a humorous yet macabre innuendo.