Exposición organizada por Rival (Mario Santizo, Alberto Rodríguez")
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In April 2018, the cultural space La Erre organized a series of brief exhibitions of different artists, with only a week between each one. The artists had little time to make their installations, rejoice on their projects and then tear it down. After seeing the effort given to each exhibition, It felt that would have been more interesting that none of the artists have dismantled their works, that the exhibits should have accumulated over time, and that they should have had to deal with the complications of an ever-reducing space, and that there should have been more time to visit the exhibition. That was the origin of the idea for this project.

The guidelines for inviting the artists for this project were simple: each one had to make their own project taking into account that the space available was the one provided by the Municipal House, and the artists could not intervene or completely cover the others’ artworks without their consent. Installations or montages that threaten the integrity of the artworks of other artists could not be considered. It was also taken into account the quality of their work and their flexibility, so they could successfully face a non-traditional installation, with the media they usually use to have a diversity of techniques and formats.

Seven artists where invited for this project, considering that their work was enough to fill the space assigned for the exhibition. Unfortunately, two of these artists didn’t comply with the requirements a little time before of the opening of their exhibition, so they had to be cancelled. This caused that the space didn’t get saturated as it was foreseen, so as to make more explicit the objective of the project. Also, this caused a pause in the sequence of presentations that disturbed the rhythm of assistance of the public to the exhibition. The artists adapted to the situation without pretensions or selfishness, and they shared the audience’s attention in order to create something more complex and overarching among them.

An interesting situation was the public’s reaction. This reaction had been already explored in Mario Santizo’s exhibition “The Gift”, presented at the Trama Gallery in November of 2017. The idea was to present some of his works of art as if they were someone else’s, and in that way play with the public that attends to openings of specific artists, not because they like their work, but because it is a space of social approval within their circle of trust. This is why the audiences that attended the project’s openings varied considerably from opening to opening.

RIVAL, 2019.