Pants 230 x 80 cm aprox.
9 Drawings 100 x 70 cm
installation 3 fabric pants and 9 drawings on cotton paper.
Unique pieces

In 2015, I worked at an art gallery located in Guatemala’s City zone 4, an area in the middle of a very notorious process of gentrification. Most people residing in this area tend to be young designers and entrepreneurs, very influenced by fashion and by media-implanted notions of “glamour”. In a manner of speaking, this would be the city’s “hipster” zone. While working there, I witnessed how these youngsters use clothes as a means of presenting themselves within the generalized trend; it always caught my attention that they all use the exact same type of garments and style, as a uniform of sorts, thus losing the possibility of physically presenting the distinctive traits of their personality. I then realized that there’s a considerable risk in these kinds of clothing: they can swallow someone… Inspired by this, I asked my mother to create various pairs of exaggeratedly sized pants, which I later used in a series of drawings where I interact with them: I hide inside these pants, I let them cover me completely, to the point where I actually disappear inside.